12 Of The Best Recycled Clothing Brands For 2024

As consumers increasingly demand sustainably-made fashion, top brands are answering the call by focusing on recycled materials. From athletic giants to vintage-inspired labels, companies are recovering post-industrial plastics, Ocean plastics and pre-owned fabrics to create new clothing. Leaders in this up-and-coming space offer high quality styles while helping reduce textile waste through extended producer responsibility programs and recommendations for reuse or donation after use. In this article “12 Of The Best Recycled Clothing Brands For 2024” We will discuss this further.

1. Patagonia

  • A pioneer in sustainable fashion, Patagonia leads with its commitment to recycled materials and ethical practices.

2. Eileen Fisher

  • Eileen Fisher stands out for its timeless designs and dedication to incorporating recycled fabrics into its collections.

3. Reformation

  • Known for its stylish and eco-friendly approach, Reformation is a trailblazer in sustainable, recycled clothing.

4. Everlane

  • Everlane focuses on transparency and quality, offering a range of recycled clothing options for conscious consumers.

5. Levi’s

  • A denim giant, Levi’s demonstrates a strong commitment to sustainability, using recycled materials in their iconic jeans.

6. Stella McCartney

  • With a luxury touch, Stella McCartney emphasizes recycled and eco-friendly materials in her high-end fashion creations.

7. Outerknown

  • Founded by surfer Kelly Slater, Outerknown combines style and sustainability, using recycled fibers in their outdoor-inspired clothing.

8. Thought

  • Thought champions sustainable, recycled fashion with a focus on organic materials and ethical production.

9. prAna

  • prAna offers stylish activewear with a commitment to recycled fabrics and fair trade practices.

10. Nudie Jeans

  • Renowned for their denim expertise, Nudie Jeans incorporates recycled materials into their eco-conscious denim collections.

11. Mara Hoffman

  • Mara Hoffman’s bold and vibrant designs are complemented by a dedication to sustainable, recycled textiles.

12. Alternative Apparel

  • Committed to comfort and sustainability, Alternative Apparel offers a range of recycled clothing options for a laid-back style.


Which fashion designer uses recycled materials?

Stella McCartney is a notable fashion designer renowned for her use of recycled and sustainable materials in her designs.

What is a fast fashion company?

A fast fashion company produces trendy, inexpensive clothing at a rapid pace, often sacrificing ethical and sustainable practices for quick turnovers.

What is not fast fashion?

Sustainable fashion brands that prioritize ethical practices, use eco-friendly materials, and focus on longevity rather than rapid turnover are not considered fast fashion.

Is Zara fast fashion?

Yes, Zara is considered a fast fashion retailer known for its quick production cycles, trend-focused designs, and frequent inventory turnovers.


In conclusion, the growing field of recycled clothing brands demonstrates that luxury, performance and affordability can seamlessly merge with eco-values. By supporting companies that offer stylish wear made of post-consumer and post-industrial materials, consciously minded consumers help propel a circular economy approach long-term. With continued innovation, the future of recycled fashion looks bright for people and planet alike. Learn more information “Streetwear Utility Vest Fashion

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